By the Winter you'll be gone

by William Nein



collaboration with Meredith Graves - piano & vocals/Justin Saxton - bass/Elise Haley - ukulele - 2009

Chords by William Nein
Lyrics and melody by Meredith Graves


Tell me a story from the world indoors
a quiet one from under the floorboards
of our house and the objects in it
your trophy heart, my blue ribbon
Tell me a story with your wide hands
with treasure & ghosts & my demands
revenge, or love, or something else
from the family bible on the family shelf
The story of the book and what's inside
the captain of the ship and his dread bride
six sisters in twelve red shoes
the lightning, the summer, and you
Tell me a story without using your mouth
with twelve dancing princesses the truth comes out
and when the August heat turns our skin
they let down the barricade, the prince comes in
And like a sweater we unwind
the stories of the summer, oh, the mythic kind
when a bird out for seed finds bread
when a woman out for trouble finds the lord instead
And when the leaves like pages turn
the royal court and king and castle burn
the princesses find out the prince was wrong
and by the winter you'll be gone


released May 14, 2017