July (2013)

by William Nein



available on cassette + audio download from Quest Cassettes


released July 31, 2013



Track Name: Synapse Sister
Icing onto cakeswalking sticks
I make mistakes and learn nothing nothing
Apologise again again again again
But change nothing
Track Name: Words are Cheap
What if I said I was sorry, would it make much sense to crawl?
When I've apologised countless times and changed nothing at all
Inside the dogs are barking, I'm a booze hound on the run
But when I stop and the dust has cleared I can see what I have done

Words turn into bullets with shots of alcohol
And I'm in a million pieces but I want to be a whole
Do you have two wings I could borrow?
I will bring them back in time
You can keep my arrows, I just want to find my mind again
Track Name: What My Mother Said
Don't bother asking any questions, I've got no answers
I don't even know myself, see I changed my name
So the other part has disappeared and all that's left is what you hear,
There's nothing more that I can give, this is everything I have
So I will sit here in my room 'cause I don't exist yet
An embryo in human form, there's nothing more than this
And if you could look through my window I would only disappoint you,
I'm half alive, and half is dead,
This is what my mother said
Track Name: August 4th
You came down the steps with instant recognition
So I went to hold your hand through the intermission
But our partners were around and every silent sound
Would echo through all of time and space
It isn't a date, we make out, it isn't a date

I next saw you in a different situation
And we spoke all night about our education
But when it got light you had to get your flight
And moved the day into a different place
It isn't a date, we make out it isn't a date

And so I wait for another year to go round
Till it gets to the time that we buried underground
When the sun comes up I won't need no luck
'Cause the day is coming back to see your face
It isn't a date, we make out it isn't a date
Track Name: Don't call me on the phone
Pretend I'm not at home,
Act like I'm living,
Seem like I'm busy so you dont think I am leaving
Project all that I see onto the white walls
I want what's best for me and don't know where this love falls
I'm so glad that you are happy and I'm so glad that you care for me but don't call me on the phone
Don't think you are alone, I see them waiting, lined up all down the street and begging as it's raining
If one day it does run dry I'll be a fountain, you can come drink from me but I wont be there queuing
I'm so glad that you are happy and I'm so glad that you care for me, I'm so glad cause you deserve to be happy but don't call me on the phone