Homeless (2010)

by William Nein

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Although he may not be a household name yet, William Nein has already managed to release six records under his belt. Every single one is available as a free download including this 2010 acoustic delight, Homeless.

Nein is a London, UK based musician whose songs are evocative of fleeting emotions; beautifully capturing something that is slowly slipping away whether it's a person, thing, or emotion.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and some crazy soft-melodic-yet-sometimes-high-pitched-singing, this is certainly an interesting record to check out.

Apart from singing solo and working on his projects, the artist is and was a part of several bands including Xyla (2002-2005) and Jeeps (2010 until present). He has also collaborated with other musicians in various projects. On his Facebook info, he is described as a songwriter who writes songs with "sarcasm that isn’t dissaffected, affection that isn’t sappy....”.

True enough, the songs do reflect a certain mood. His 8-track compilation, Homeless, starts off with the somber and melodic, Ghost of Potsdam Town. The cut is surrounded by beautiful acoustic guitars and dreamy vocals. On the other hand, stepping into a more freak-folk sound, Save Me Then Set Me on Fire, might not be the most pleasing track on the record but it certainly wins for being one of the most interesting. With the crazy, high-pitched wail vocals and the fast strumming, it's a song that sticks out for its weirdness. This "unusual singing" goes on until you reach, By The Gaslight, which picks up where Nein left off in Ghost of Potsdam Town.

The album is a stunning piece nonetheless. Oddly enough, the freak folk sound does sink in after a couple of plays. Pretty soon you'll learn to appreciate its unusual characteristics without much complaint. The rest of the other tracks are quite good as well. Most of which have found its way into my personal playlist.


released January 1, 2010

photo by Meredith Graves



Track Name: Ghost of Potsdam Town
Mere-D will you wait for me across the sea for my return?
Will you cut your hair in no underwear by the darkened glare of our room?

Your hands touching the ceiling, and falling back on your bed
Made up in your prom dress with nobody to date

I'll stay around, the ghost of Potsdam town and Mary I won't drown this time I swear

Just don't go astray, I am on my way. I'll meet you there in the back row

Mere-D will you marry me? We'll watch our feet dance silently
Track Name: No Heart's a Wasteland
Laid down to sleep, years will pass till flowers grow from the tears you weep
Planted in the soil, we all share our bodies with the one we came from

No-one's a waste land

There's no mistakes, no regrets should fall upon your worrying head
We are all the same and given time we all shall go back to our first state

Your heart will break under the constant weight Your heart will break and your body will ache Your heart will see that it's fertile ground
No heart's a wasteland

It's just sad
Track Name: Baby, My Baby
Baby, my baby, my love for you is pure

Don't leave me in the dark. Don't hide me in your shadows and watch me fall apart. I'm hanging from the gallows and as I slowly die I wonder was it worth it to make each other cry?
To make each other cry?

Baby, my baby, my love for you is pure

I felt it yesterday and I will again tomorrow, this aching deep inside, this sadness and this sorrow
But standing by its side I see the warm embraces from the happy times and all of your beautiful faces.
So think of me fondly and try to just remember that what is and what will be isn't what it always was
So I guess I'm saying sorry for all the shit I've done
I'll keep it in my heart, I'll keep you in my heart
Track Name: Save me then set me on fire
Save my soul, save my soul, set me on fire.
Track Name: In Your Bedroom/To Your House
I met you in your bedroom, I asked you where your loo was. You said something insulting. I don't quite remember.

I had been heartbroken when i went to your house so i got drunk on beer and music when I went to your house

We climbed up to the roof but it was too high for you

We went out to a bar, you went home, I was rude to you all night

So i kissed a girl called Sarah. Who knew that would be the start?
Track Name: Keep Pretending
I can't be only your only your only, I can't be only your only your only. I feel alot inside and I have no place to hide

So keep on pretending that you really love me and I'll keep pretending that you're thinking of me when I know better inside, and I know better
Track Name: By the Gaslight
I remember Dean saying that he liked you. I went outside and smoked another cigarette by The Gaslight in front of your headlights, music played by the White Stripes

We still had time to go before the skies turned cold
Keep on getting wasted, I'll keep on getting old

I try to hold breath until your return but drowning in love is hard to unlearn when crushed by blackness, the hopeful pessimist taunts at the spirits for truthful spilt secrets

I keep on wishing on hopeless faded suns that died long before I met you but kept their body whole
Hearts laid to rest and sleeping on stories left untold
We'll keep on getting wasted, we'll keep on getting old
Track Name: Keepsakes
I try to leave your heart well alone, I try to shield my love from where it used to know
but every now and then I forget and drunkenly wander back to my old home

Time falls from my pockets and dreams sleep far beneath ,
I ask if it’s good fortune to have a memory
'cause moving on is hard when you don’t want to leave the past

So forgive my moments of weakness, I am stronger the rest of the time;
and keep me locked outside your fortress, I don’t really want to come back inside.
But your walls are stronger than the ones that I have built and I can’t help but admire the one who placed the brick